EFT and Weight Loss - A Perspective

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT has been used for a number of years for different physical and psychological problems.

The problems that can be cured by EFT include addictions, physical pain, chronic health conditions, weight issues, fears, self-esteem, self-worth issues and multitude of others.

This technique takes only 5 minutes to perform and 2-3 rounds to master.

Why is EFT effective?

EFT includes tapping acupressure points in a particular sequence while repeating a phrase that is related to the current problem. The phrase includes the self-love and self-acceptance part that we should have despite any problems we have - physical or psychological.

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Tapping the acupressure points while repeating the phrase helps to clear the energy blockages associated with a particular problem.

In general tapping the acupressure points helps to restore the healthy energy flow in the body and can cure numerous problems. That's why doing EFT regularly very often results in releasing of several problems together, even the ones not mentioned on the "EFT phrase".

How EFT can Help with Weight Loss?

As it was already mentioned EFT works on psychological and physical levels. It can help with self-love and self-acceptance issues that sabotage the weight loss process; it can also help to reduce cravings, overeating, eating big portions, not exercising, etc.

The use of EFT for weight loss is limited to creativity only.

It is important to work on self-love and self-acceptance issues first since they are usually the roots of multitude problems. As a matter of fact working on these issues only can help to overcome cravings and weight loss sabotaging behaviors so by starting with these two issues you can significantly accelerate your weight loss.

Make sure to learn how to do it properly so you will not waste your time.

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