Quick Weight Loss Or Long Term Goals

If you have struggled or are currently struggling with losing weight, you have certainly run into the countless weight loss programs being sold by people on the internet, television and in books.  It is easy to spend a small fortune chasing the dream of quick weight loss.  Unfortunately, the lure of easy money has helped many unscrupulous characters pop up like weeds just waiting to bilk desperate people out of their money.

The simple fact is that most of the diets that make outrageous claims are worthless.  Having tried many of them, I can tell you that most of them are just short term panaceas that will make you feel good for about a week as you watch water weight drop off.  Once things have settled a bit, they generally stop working as promised. 

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Besides the obvious health concerns of going on extreme diets that only offer you very limited food options, there is also the boredom factor that set in before too long.  You can only force yourself to eat so much cabbage soup or other such concoction before you cannot even stand looking at it anymore.

My own experience with losing weight has been that the only long term results come from a slow and steady approach designed to promote an overall goal of total fitness.  This is not what many people want to hear because we live in a society that places a great value on immediate gratification.  Even a week is too long for some people to wait to see results.  If you are going to seriously pursue any weight loss goal, one of the most important adjustments you can make is mental.  You must decide to commit to making a long term change and you must follow through even when the going gets tough from time to time.  Very little that is worth having in life comes without some kind of effort.  Getting yourself back into shape is no exception.

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